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Fudge – give your hair some style

Fudge is an Australian company which has a solid following of fans that love its styling products. With its clean packaging and great styling results, Fudge has quickly become on of the leading names in hair care products

About Fudge styling

For those who are discerning when it comes to styling products, Fudge is a hit. The company has produced a range of styling products, which give the results people want without the mess, the stickiness and the difficulties that you can find with other styling waxes, gels, sprays and muds. The Fudge website even has a “Hold Scale” for each of its styling products, showing exactly how much hold you can expect to get. This enables customers to choose styling products based on what they actually want to do with their hair. Those who want indestructible spikes all day, or a windswept look that doesn’t shift in the breeze can find exactly what they are looking for at Fudge.

Buying Fudge styling products

It couldn’t be easier to get your hands on the wide range of Fudge styling products. Buying online is the quickest and easiest way to get what you’re looking for and by shopping with Bodycare2000, you have access to Fudge products that include:

  • Fudge Elastik – a styling product you can apply to your hair and blow dry for a long-lasting effect. A medium-hold product, Elastick helps you to achieve the style you want without taking up too much of your time.

  • Fudge Fat Hed – this is a thick styling paste that gives your hair volume and control. You can apply it to dry hair and it will create shine and texture, giving you a great finish that will last all day.

  • Fudge Oomf shampoo – we all have days when our hair doesn’t behave or when we are tearing it out because it just doesn’t look shiny and lustrous like the TV ads. That’s when you need Fudge Oomf shampoo and conditioner. This product gives you extra body and shine as well as protecting your hair from daily damage.

  • Fudge Paintbox – fed up with your current colour but don’t want a permanent change? Fudge Paintboxes come in a range of colours so that you can give your hair a touch of colour – or a complete change – whenever you want to. The semi-permanent colour washes out after between 3 and 30 washes, depending how long you apply the colour for. The perfect product for party lovers.

GHD –The Favourite Name in Hair Styling

Girls love looking attractive and they use all the tools at their disposal for this, from ladies body stockings When it comes to having beautiful hair, the right hair care product is important. That’s why its time you invested in the last hair styler you could ever need – a genuine product from GHD.

GHD hair stylers are quite unlike any other hair care product. Designed to offer the ultimate in sleek, sexy hair, GHD is the number one choice for men and women all over the world. With stunning aesthetics and a variety of stylers to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone in the GHD range.

GHD – Have A Good Hair Day

A highly successful British company, GHD has become a global success in a relatively short space of time since it was established in 2001.

Did you know? GHD stands for “Good Hair Day” and this is something that GHD can proudly promote. With GHD hair stylers, you can be sure of great looking hair with a quick and easy to use product. If you’re not convinced, just take a look at the celebrity clientele - GHD has fans in the form of Madonna and Victoria Beckham. The GHD Hair Straighteners are so popular, in fact, that there are even Limited Edition styles available for the hardcore GHD fans. Featuring bold graphics or quirky colours, the Limited Edition GHD products are guaranteed to be sell-outs.

GHD – The Perfect Choice

There are many other ceramic hair stylers on the market, but it is GHD that the people trust. The GHD hair stylers are available in various sizes for different hair lengths. If you have short hair, you might be interested in the Mini Styler, which is also the perfect choice of styler for men who like to look good too.

GHD is a trusted name in hair care and the products are known for their excellent quality as well as providing a long-lasting finish to your hair. Heating up to an incredible 210° in a few seconds makes GHD a superb choice for busy men and women on the go.

GHD – Aesthetics Combined With Functionality

GHD’s don’t just look pretty; they work too. With features such as the sleek ceramic plates in order to create the perfect curls or the ultimate straight hair, your GHD styler can transform your hair from limp and lifeless to Hollywood glamour in a few minutes. For beautiful hair from the root to the tip, GHD is the name to trust.

GHD – Protect As You Style

The infra-red heat protects your hair and seals in the natural oils and moisture, as well as protecting your hair colour, so you can be sure of keeping your hair looking healthy and beautiful. GHD is the name behind the ultimate styling tools and the company continues to go from strength to strength as more people convert to the “Holy Grail” in hair care.

Paul Mitchell – years of hair care expertise

By buying Paul Mitchell products, you’re getting the benefit of years of experience.

Paul Mitchell is one of those companies that was formed by two people who had an ideal in mind and has gone on to become one of the world’s most successful hair care companies. Originally formed at the start of1980, the company’s aim was to provide professional hair dressers with the tools of their trade – selected and devised by people who were hair dressers themselves. In fact, their first product was a styling aid – sculpting lotion, which was developed because of the key 1980s trend for sculpted hair. Since then, the Paul Mitchell product range has expanded and the brand is recognisable worldwide.

The Paul Mitchell range

The two friends who founded the John Paul Mitchell Systems® company were determined that salons should see the results of their products at first hand and have an opportunity to sell those products to their clients. For that reason, they travelled to hundreds of salons across America, demonstrating their products to both hair care professionals and their customers. By negotiating product sales on a sale-or-return basis, the company increased its sales and was able to invest in the development of a wide range of products – now more than 90 in number – that bear the distinctive black and white Paul Mitchell branding. The range includes:

  • Paul Mitchell Awapuhi range
  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree range
  • Paul Mitchell Colour Protect series
  • Paul Mitchell Extra Body collection

In addition to hair care products, Paul Mitchell also produces a skin care range, but all these products are only available through dedicated salons – the way that friends John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell intended over 20 years ago when they founded the company. With their own experiences of hair care behind them, they created products that would make a real difference to general hair care as well as styling products that move with the times, giving salons the choice they need to provide clients with the hair styles they want. What’s more, Paul Mitchell believes in producing its products ethically, refusing to test on animals and ensuring that natural ingredients are grown and harvested fairly.

Buying Paul Mitchell products

With such a huge range of hair care products available to you, it can be difficult to select the right range. By choosing Paul Mitchell products, you are gaining the benefit of years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers who’ve come before you.

Showers for Healthy Hair

Add health and shine to your hair by following these beauty tips for the shower. 

Showers can be damaging to your hair. A long hot shower can strip your tresses of their shine, bounce and body, leaving them dull, lank and lifeless. Equally, the products that you use in the shower, and how you use them, can make or break a hairstyle. Follow these hair care beauty tips and start looking forward to the admiring glances that your lustrous locks will attract.

Showers for Healthy Hair: Turn Down the Temperature
Hot water can cause great stress and damage to your hair, creating dry, brittle strands and split ends. Tempting though it is to stand under the running water and turn the temperature up bit by bit for relaxation, it is your hair that will suffer most. Keep your shower’s water at a mild temperature that is comfortable, but not overly hot. Finish your shower with a blast of cold water that will add shine to your hair and improve your circulation.

Showers for Healthy Hair: The Professional Shampoo
Rubbing your scalp vigorously with a cheap shampoo in the shower is guaranteed to give you damaged, lifeless hair. First apply a small amount of shampoo to your hair, and massage gently until your head is covered with foam. Rinse with warm water, then rinse again for a minute with slightly hotter water. This will open up the cuticle of the hair to help the conditioner absorb. Wash your hair daily to prevent a build-up of oils and styling products.

Showers for Healthy Hair: The Correct Way to Condition
Many people don’t bother to condition their hair in the shower, making the biggest hair care blunder of all. Conditioners are vital to keep your hair manageable when styling, to combat frizz and to protect it from pulling during blow drying and combing. For correct conditioning, squeeze the moisture out of the hair after rinsing off shampoo. Apply a small blob of conditioner on the hair and spread it out gently with your fingers, then put on a shower cap and wait for five minutes. Rinse the hair with warm water, then with cold. Squeeze out the moisture, wrap hair in a warm towel for a few minutes, then let your hair air-dry or blow-dry it.

Showers for Healthy Hair: Use the Right Products
Every person’s hair is different, so it is vital to choose the right products to take into the shower with you. Avoid cheap shampoos and conditioners, and opt for natural brands instead. Aveda’s Shampure is loved by models and celebrities, and is gentle enough for daily use. Daniel Field’s Organic and Mineral range is suitable for vegans and full of natural ingredients. Most important is to find a product that matches your hair type, so don’t opt for a full-body conditioner if you have wild frizzy hair!

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G-Star RAW is here to stay

Iconic brand G-Star’s RAW collection has inspired a new generation of fashion enthusiasts.

Although G-Star is a well-established brand, it’s still converting new fans every day – and the RAW collection is one of the reasons. Focusing on denim, and later branching out into other clothing categories, G-Star has maintained its image as a cutting-edge design house and has enhanced its clothing collections by collaborating with other leading brands to make sure that everything that’s G-Star branded is that little bit different.

What’s the G-Star RAW collection?

It’s over 10 years since the launch of the G-Star RAW denim line, which has had a huge impact on the general denim market. RAW is all about using denim to its very best, taking the raw material and using designs and innovative washings to let the fabric speak for itself. The initial denim collection has had such an impact, that G-Star now offers a much wider range of clothing, both denim-led and brand advertising, such as RAW-labelled t-shirts and shirts. The way the denim is cut and treated has created whole new styles of denim-wear that have changed the way that many of us look at traditional denim clothing.

G-Star RAW Crossover

As if the collections themselves weren’t popular enough, G-Star has initiated several crossover projects, including:

  • RAW Defender – in 2005, G-Star worked with Land Rover to produce a limited edition RAW Defender. It’s a vehicle that represents the best of both worlds – the specification and performance of one of the world’s top 4x4 vehicles, with the style of the G-Star RAW collection. The colour was formulated specially for G-Star, and several design details were added, such as the brown leatherette roof, specialist finishes and the G-Star RAW logo.

  • RAW Ferry – taking the boat-trip to a designer extreme, G-Star have taken an original 1927 Central Station ferry from Amsterdam and turned it into a luxury boat for up to 25 guests. Using the RAW denim brand, the company has created a boat which has both grace and style. High quality raw materials such as leather, wood and canvas were used to great effect, along with the G-Star RAW branding.

  • RAW Bike – in partnership with American bike company Cannondale, G-Star have embarked on another crossover project. The new RAW bike is stylish and practical, with brown tyres and a brown leather seat, sporting the G-Star RAW logo.
G-Star is clearly setting out to make their brand one of the most adventurous in the fashion business. Be a part of the adventure by adding G-Star to your own collection today.